Bittersweet Life…

I wish I had a Ferrari…

I wish I had that dress…

I wish I had a Pent-House Apartment….

The list continues…

We humans cannot but be unsatisfied with the way our lives go on, if situations be given. It is habitual. But it should not take away from us the value of what we hold. Ambition and curiosity make us dissatisfied with our existence. Curiosity is operative in the conduct of our actions.

We all aspire to be successful, rich, happy and blessed. But how many of us actually aspire to be better humans? We all want to work for numerous material commodities. But how many of us do really care to work for the humankind? By humankind, I don’t mean that you hit the streets leaving back your loved ones to help the needy. But what I wish to see around is at least a small group of generous individuals who can devote some amount of their time to stand by those who need us. We don’t think twice before pushing the door of a Food-Joint but we do find many who will stand and watch a starving person begging for some food. God gives us bounty not to preserve it, but to share it. He chose us to do this work.

We all are as much flesh and blood as any other creature on this planet. If we can care to keep ourselves up to our needs, then we can also care to not have any individual around us to live in insufficiency. Gucci and Prada can wait, I suppose, till you perform your role as a human. Cribbing for something is easy, than working to earn it. Nothing on this earth exists without a reason. For that matter, even we don’t exist without a purpose. But our purpose isn’t to preserve the “privy purse” but to make this little planet a place to live.

The question of survival against living is a serious issue. Serious enough to be pondered over seriously.

Ambition leads you to achieve great goals but never let it overwrite your greater responsibilities. Fate and hard work will take you places, but it can also pull you down to a place where it can get hard to rise from. Don’t forget, you are a Human before you go on to become a billionaire. Cherish what you and also what others have. God gave us all, our shares of happiness of sorrows. Don’t be an Add-On to someone’s sorrow but always strive to spread the smile.

Be kind enough to care… be gentle enough to give… be humane enough to be human.

I wish to see everyone as a human one day.


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