What is it to be a WO(E)MEN?

Of late we all have been hearing the rhetoric centered around women… But the question that arises time and again is WHO REALLY CARES?

In our society, where a woman isn’t assured her safety, she is expected to rely on others for her well-being. 
In all times, women have been as much muse and poetry as she is flesh and blood.

Each time a voice is raised against it… some or the other authoritarian figure silences it in peculiar ways. Today’s women, even though living in twenty first century modern world, but she is conditioned to what poor Philomela was at the hands of cruel Tereus.

What change could we bring out in the condition of women in general, regardless of the few who could make a mark for themselves. But what about the others?

And yes… RESERVATION of seats for women is NOT A SOLUTION.

It makes us feel deprived of the confidence to live life on our own conditions. It is in turn a slavery to the idea of making women free. 

Why do on Earth we need reservation? 

Can’t men understand that they need to let us live?
Can’t others provide us a comfortable space to stand, sit, walk, work etc?
Can’t it be imbibed in people as a virtue to respect women?
Can’t the world function smoothly if a woman becomes an integral part of its functioning?
No earthquake will occur if we educate our women or give them their much deserved freedom to live on their conditions !!!

Time and again, through various policies and plans, Women are continued to be directed and controlled, and they are made to follow. 
You want to know how? Let me provide you with one of my personal experience of Delhi Metro Services. But let me make it clear that this incident is not related to a particular city or person. It is an experience shared by all of us.

So, do you remember the last time you were about to board a metro and suddenly realised that the doors are to get closed within few seconds. The question that arises at this situation is… should i get into general coach or walk up to the ladies compartment and wait for another metro?
Why did such a dilemma arise?
People in the general coach aren’t going to eat you ! Nor are the ladies in the reserved coach angels from heaven who are going to save you from the evil hand.

It is the mentality that our social and administrative system has bestowed upon us.

We are as much safe and independent in a shared coach as we are in our reserved compartments.
Its a matter of choice and we have many.

 To be categorized as a women who needs to be kept in a “touch me not zone” or “dare not touch zone” … the choice is all yours.

Similarly, we see dignifying images and portrayal of women by reinforcing the stereotypical roles of “Women”. The gratitude shown to women is nothing more than a genuine respect and gratefulness for abiding by the set norms. By thanking the women for working so hard day and night within the household as well outside, does no benefit than to reinforce the idea that conforming to the stereotypical roles idealizes a women.

We need love and care, as much as we want respect and dignity. 
Women don’t ask for the world to rule over but for the world to look up to with confident eyes and a humble heart.

‘Don’t be a gem to be acquired, be a fierce fire that knows how to bend and even burn.’


12 thoughts on “What is it to be a WO(E)MEN?

  1. Gaurav Nigam says:

    Dear Kanika…I read your blog and that was too true and well written. You’re true talent, keep on writing more good ones. Wish you best of luck for your future.


  2. Nishu Dass says:

    Great thought indeed!
    What we as women need to do is change the mindset it’s we who bring up sons who later become brothers father and uncles. Unless we decide to change ourselves and the thought about us things will not change. Though personally over a period of time I have seen some change.
    Be change you want to see in the world- rightly said by Gandhiji.
    Great effort Kanika! Three cheers to Dear Kanika…


  3. Rashmi says:

    Being a woman in a male-dominating society where we r taught dat evry female is 2 b protcted by male, y do we need any protction n from whom we need to fear ? In a way , we r getting protction from those ppl from whom we r supposed 2 b protectd. N we r even not given d choice 2 xpress our mind, m not saying dat it’s always true but sometimes its evidential.

    Inspirited one:) lots of luv.


  4. Saurabh says:

    This is the situation, not just there but worldwide. Despite of repeated reinforcements, nothing significant has changed.
    I loved your thoughts. Keep it up!


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