Hey all, below are few lovely pieces of writing that are precise and engaging. They wrap around them a wide idea going beyond the few little words which say it all. I was recently introduced to them by a friend of mine and believe me it was a treat to explore these tiny tales.

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In this world of privileging the fair above the dark has compelled even love to succumb to this game of black and white. Her fair skin kept her away from love because all was fair in love.

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Isn’t this beautiful and cute ???

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It is not always going to be easy. Not always will everyone tell you just everything. Sometimes you yourself need to hear the unspoken words, see the unseen tears and so on. Kohl shall hide the effects of tearful nights but not always will it underline the eyes for you to see the pain those beautiful eyes suffer each night. Not every time will it be made exceptionally visible to us for us to know that something needs our attention.

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Love and hope go side by side. You love with the hope to be loved back. But you at the same time hope that your loved ones stay happy even at the cost of your own happiness. Never deprive anyone of their hopes, for maybe , that is all they possess. Love seeks no age and hope conforms to no boundary.


How beautiful it is…



I was taken by the beauty of these words. How beautifully do they convey a deeper meaning altogether.

I would really love to hear your interpretations of these quotes…

Happy reading !!!!


6 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL WORDS…

  1. Vasundhara Singh Chaudhry says:

    Really beautiful tales Kanika. You’ve managed to compile all feelings of love, friendship, different meanings of forever, hope and life in these few pictures and words.
    It’s amazing how sometimes all you need are just a few words to recite stories of different people who are miles apart but united by love and at times by the absence of it.
    Commendable! I loved it.


    • exploradorssite says:

      Thanks a lot dear. Sometimes, we need to go beyond the conventional ways of expressing to actually express the deeper truth of something. Thanks for the valuable comments. Happy reading!


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