Free Ride to Blue Grotto, Italy

Hey all !

In today’s post i would like to share with you people a place which is one of my favorites. Yes, its the Blue Grotto, Italy. Ever since i have read about this fascinating place, it becomes hard to wait for the day when i would actually admire the beauty with my own presence near it.

Capri holds a treasure: it is the Blue Grotto !!

The light enters the cave both from outside and inside through an underwater breach, creating bluish color effects and turning into different colors depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

To access the grotto visitors almost have to stretch out in the small boats which cross the entrance arch, that can become larger or smaller depending on the tides. Once inside, as eyes get accustomed to the lack of light, after a moment, when completely immersed in darkness, the miracle can be enjoyed: hit by the light, underwater rocks show silver reflections.

The natural cave is about 60 meters long and 25 wide. On one side, the “gallery of the pillars” looks like being naturally supported by impressive stalactites.

The incredible sight of the shimmering blue water serves as a cool delight to the sore eyes.

Never miss a chance to visit Blue Grotto when travelling to Capri,Italy!!

Bonne Voyage!!!



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