Let’s Fall in love… Together!

A friend is what the heart needs all the time, little did he knew. But she was sure that a friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

It wasn’t love at first sight. But it was definitely something more beautiful.Two strangers, lived miles apart, in two beautiful worlds, not aware about what time was holding on for them. Life seemed like a blessing until they discovered, ‘what truly is a blessing’. Love wasn’t something they sought. Rather love sought them. ‘OPPOSITES ATTRACT’ became unarguably true.

‘Besties?’ he said… leaving her awestruck and in joy. This one word for her, was a missile to the heavens. Her Heaven! Eyes were moist and the throat still parched, the WiFi in the room crashed, before she could reply to the Prince of her Heart. After a few seconds of moaning, a stronger connection  than her WiFi  was established.

After endless conversations and joyous walks, absence of each other’s presence began to be felt like a heavy cloud falling upon. Seemingly close, yet miles apart. They admired each other from afar. To their friends, it was glooming. But amidst it all, love was blooming!

They went together on a memorable trip of their lives.

Meal cooked. Tables laid. He pulls out the chair for her. Smiling happily she sits and tells him “I never thought we would eat in the same plate.” Sweet cute glances they stole. Being together was what their hearts yearned for. 


“I love you so much. i can do anything for you and for the prettiest smile you own” he said. Somewhere inside, voices bursted out a “yes!” but she replied ” Nothing lasts forever”. Unaltered at the thought of being with her he grinned and texted back,” be my nothing then.”

She was confused. She loved him too but was afraid to accept.

Trembling hands and deep breaths, in that moment, the ounce of courage, overpowered all… “Yes” she finally murmured and love found acceptance. They slept, backs facing each other. In their own homes. Only to pillow talk all night about the newly found love of their life.

They loved this feeling of being in love, and the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That was special. In longing for each other, their love deepened. 

The canvas had loved her. Scarlet and maroon fought for her. Until a streak of Vermilion changed her life. And this streak was him !!

“You are going to be the only one” she whispered with love in her eyes. Mirror never lies.

During lectures, she blinked few times and pulled her gaze up to his eyes when she found him looking back at her with a sweet smile. She turned rosy.



Soon after… A raindrop fell, a sunbeam held her. They embraced each other through the raindrops. As their love extended its horizons, the world saw a rainbow.

Months went by, in building lifelong memories of love and laughter. Their love brought a refreshing cool breeze to the same old Autumn time. The trees shed their leaves to make way for the heavens to bless the two. 

Then was the cold winter time. Free and like a winter tree, he stood there parched in the cold, hitching rides from the road. “Are you waiting for someone” a man asked, he smiled and pointed “she”. 

 “I believe in God, but my God is you” he said. He did everything he could to make her feel like the most happiest person. Not a day went by when he was not there for her. She could count on him.

Clogged streets, soaring decibels, as the world sank in the new year mania…  the heart awaited the lover’s homecoming. Deep down, a celebration smiled. Every festival became a celebration of their love. She is like Queen to her King.  ❤ The best part of their day is returning back to each other, in their sweet paradise.


When love is at its best, one loves so much that he cannot forget. But Ups and Downs are true for all. Since their first day together, conversations did not stop. Love was realized the day they had their first silence. They get jealous, they get mad, they get worried. Not only because they love each other a lot. But because they hold each other too close as to not let any intrusion disturb the emotion. They loved each other immensely. But she built a wall. He raised a bougainvillea. In white and Pink it bloomed. Love is stronger than anything, he proved. What happened to the wall, no one knew. But the lovers soared high above all walls. They are the type of couples we read about and say “I wish, someone says that to me” and “I wish to have a man like him” but … there is only one Superman and he belongs only to her. ❤

This had been a memorable journey from strangers to friends, friends to best friends, and from best friends to mean each other’s world!!!! Today, they complete their two memorable years together !! God bless!!


The Story Behind a Door







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