Heartbeat…! (CHAPTER 1)

*Heart Vs Dream (WHAT WOULD U CHOSE?)*


*Email Notification* 

As the room escaped into silence, She wondered… What would break first :-
1) Heart ❤
Or her much sought…
2) Dream  😇

With trembling hands… The cursor went up to the mail. With a click of the cursor… She sat gaping at her laptop 💻

Was it a dream? 😳😳She wondered. *No* 😱😱😱😱

Finally, she had made it !!!

After years of submissions 📃📑📚 and efforts… The dream flashed right in front of her… On the bright screen of her laptop… 💻

*BUT WAIT.* ✋🏻

Life had changed. 💫
It seems no longer the same dream she was striving for all these years!

The dream was same, though. But the circumstances today are different from the day she had started off for her dreams.

*The mail read:*📩
You have been shortlisted for the Int’l Prog. Summit – Cabinet Meet.
Kindly submit the project by May 18th 2016.

It was time to PAUSE!
She felt choked with tears.
This is what she wanted !! 😍
Not much of thinking it required though. She wanted this opportunity since the day she had *dared* to dream.

It costs many a sacrifices 💔 and efforts to keep things going – but it is still not enough. Amidst the adversities… The bright light had shone itself.
She could not realise the weight of her decision until she heard the shatters.

*Do u wanna know what broke first?*

Yes, the dream.

As the letters that typed the reply to the mail.. She heard every piece of her dream that she had collected with sheer hard work… Break apart.

She discovered for the first time but not the last that she might feel broken because of the what she lost. But what she has cannot be lost at any cost.

She knew that this step would definitely change the course of life events.
She lied to her parents that she couldn’t qualify for it when she had not even given it a try. 😞
She missed the summit. Missed the dream too.
The silence in the moment did not convey the shattering of dreams but the joy of heart was celebrated well.😘😘

She will require thrice the efforts to gain this opportunity back. To have her dream back. But she held her present too dear 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

It appeared as if the Life was questioning her :
*are u coming or going?*
And she replied…
*I dont know. Both.*

With the course of time a lot had changed. She had no time to look back but to lean forward.
She had *dared* to risk the years of efforts.
Only she knows how it feels to realize your absence from a much deserved platform. But it pleases more to mean a presence in someone’s life .💕

As the saying goes… “U need to sacrifice something to get ur share of something”

She had made her sacrifice. 😷😷

For the most precious smile 🙂


Among the unspoken words, a lot got conveyed.
Heard it?
I really can’t say.
But it definitely got conveyed.

She chose the heart over her dream.

Will post the next chapters soon. Happy Reading ! 🙂


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