Heartbeat ! (CHAPTER 2) Following the Forbidden…

“Too long spent denying each other, we no longer hid our want.”

I am glad to have found and have knowledge of a love that could transcend time even if it was Forbidden. But it was more of a sadness in his eyes than the effects of being ‘forbidden’ that she recognized as a regret.But the forbidden fruit of life is always sweet.

“Because I loved you!” she shouted. “Because I didn’t want to let you go! Because I didn’t want to lose you!” She hadn’t realized she was crying until her voice hitched and she felt the tears on her cheeks. She swiped at them impatiently. “I have never fought for anything in my life because I never had anything worth fighting for, but I was going to fight for you. Even if this is forbidden, i will follow it until it leads up to you!”

“My eyes are tempted by the smile of an angel, and your lips whisper secrets of forbidden love.”  he gently replied.

Forbidden things have a secret charm. You think about the forbidden. Desire the forbidden. Dream the forbidden.

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. ”   

-Mark Twain

“Do people always fall in love with the things they can’t have?” he asked her.

“Yes, always” she replied with a smile.


“Loving him is a sin; of that I’m fully aware. But a sinner I am.” she thought.“It was time to free him from my burdens. I can die a sinner, but i wish to see him wave through the heavens not hell. What if love is forbidden on this land? Heaven is the place to seek for his love.”

As the dagger went across their loving hearts, the souls became free of the conventional world. No more laws. No more duties. The soul was free. But the heart was not.

It was still following the forbidden to the heavens.




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