Heartbeat!(CHAPTER 3)Exchanging the darkness

As they both sat in silence next to a french window, he noticed something in her eyes.

“You are beautiful”

“Stop joking”

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes”

“I wish i could ” after a long paused she whispered… “even from mine.”


Girl: Is it so important to go? Even today?

Boy: It is. Otherwise I would have not gone.

Girl: I want you to stay, please. Don’t go away.

As the hands felt the the separation, the hearts were taken over by a strange fear. She could feel his absence. It was an important day for her. She needed him besides.


Girl: It is too bright, I cannot.

Doctor: Take it slow. Open your eyes slowly. Yes. Good.

Amazed by what she saw, she screamed in happiness !

Girl: I can see. Everything ! Yes. I can see. Just everything. 

Her joy was boundless. She asked for him and they called him in. While she was still admiring herself in the mirror. A voice over her shoulder whispered,

“Didn’t i tell you, you are beautiful.”

She knew it was him. She turned around in joy. But what she saw was not a joyful sight. The nurse was helping him stand. He looked fine. But was looking in a different direction.

Tears rolled down her eyes. Hers or His? Who cares.

He shared his sight and exchanged her darkness.

In the end, Love triumphs.





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