The only Beloved who is very much a Beloved.

Walking down the empty street at the break of dawn was like a different experience altogether. The breeze had something different about it that morning. The heart was at peace, but the mind was occupied with an amalgamation of conflicting ideas. The birds chirped their way out of the nests but the fluttering of my thoughts silenced all other sounds in the surrounding.

“What am i supposed to do?” the mind frowned.

“Have some faith” replied the heart humbly.

The twenty minutes walk seemed like miles of walking. The air felt heavy. The beautiful morning had some unease about its beauty.

“Will i get some rest?” the mind sounded annoyed.

“Indeed. But you need to confront it first.” the heart shied.

This ongoing strife between the mind and heart kept repeating the incidents of the past evening. The ceaseless battle was casting its darkness  over the sunny day.

The heart finally pumped some courage and the mind decided to act. As the hands moved to define the destiny, time had already planned the fate.

“I Still Love You”

These four words, just four of them had the power to move the world or rather bring the worlds more closer. Is this closeness all it takes? Are these four words enough to assure that much sought rest of the mind?

This question is an open ended debate ongoing for ages. Be great stories told, but every phase of life across the seven billion lives is a beautiful story in itself.

With the Tik-Tok of the wall clock… heart learned to keep pace with the rhythm of time.

Suddenly, everything had turned me inside out. And a paper scribbled on itself the pounding restless heart. The pencil carved out a beautiful emotion in front of the eyes. This emotion i named, Love that is wise.

“Have i ever told you, how much you mean to me? Have i ever told you that you mean the world to me. Have i ever told you about all the happiness you bring to me? You are the best person that’s ever been so dear to me! 

Just in case i haven’t, i want to tell you… You are dearly loved.”

It is easy to find love amidst the things that are perfect and wonderful, when everything appears like a dream. But what about loving someone when things are difficult, when they are messing up, flaws are seen, mistakes are made.

In life we do many things. Some of it we regret, some we cherish. But they all make us who we are. And in the end they shape every detail about us. If we ever replay any of those moments, we wouldn’t seem to be the same person as we are now. So just Live. Make mistakes ( not serious ones 😛 )… have wonderful memories… share the love. Neither life nor love is easy. But dare to take up the challenge.

Every emotion is beautiful. Some learn to adjust to it, while others learn to adjust it accordingly.

One is free to feel, do, think and even express in any way, to either oneself or to others. But never ever ask yourself or others : Who you are? You don’t need any answer. You should never seek such an answer. Live the answer rather than sitting for hours pondering over these little mighty words.Well, knowing that you are an alive being is sufficient. Now next step should be to explore the opportunities your living self is possible of.

Anyone can love someone who does or says all the right things, being everything you ever want. But to love someone at their lowest, loving them despite how broken they feel, willing to stand by them no matter how challenging or difficult things may be, i think that kind of love is a lot more meaningful.

We all want to “be loved”.

But love will not come to us on its own. At times, we need to stay firm in our lives in order to allow life to blow its soft yet refreshing breeze.

Add a pinch of love into the recipe of life and enjoy the delicacy! Because, the beloved must “be loved”.